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Woods Wallpaper

PriceFrom C$140.00

Woodcut print

Image size: Varies.

Paper size: The same as the image size. This print has no margins.

Frame size: 30x30" and 16.25x16.25" 

Edition size: 52

Number of artist’s proofs: 0

Printed: 2013. Coloured in 2023.

Paper: Japanese (Shoji Natural)

Ink: Oil-based (Vanson Rubber Base Black)

Block: The image was carved in cherry veneer plywood.


Note: The 24x24" and the 14x14" prints are also available framed, for $670 and $390. Local pick up only. Please contact me if you are interested.


This image is a repeating pattern (wallpaper) and was originally printed on sheets roughly 4x6 feet. At the time, I only coloured one of the sheets.  In 2023 I cut them into smaller squares and began colouring them. The block was carved and printed at Open Studio in Toronto, where I was working under the Don Philips scholarship.


My wallpaper pattern includes various imagery that I associate with the forest in Nova Scotia where I grew up. It’s a beautiful, mysterious, and also sometimes spooky place. It’s crowded, tangled, and claustrophobic. It’s a place prone to thoughts of fairy tales. But for many, it’s also a place of work. Less so now, since the pulp mills have closed, but when I was growing up, my father and most of my male relatives worked in the woods, logging.


Ten years later, I can’t quite remember why I was so keen on making a wallpaper pattern. But what I love about it now is the play between the domestic formalism of the pattern with the wild chaos of its subject matter.


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