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  • Woodpile Wallpaper
  • Woodpile Wallpaper

Woodpile Wallpaper


Woodcut print

Image size: 24x24”

Paper size: 24x24”

Frame size: 30x30"

Edition size: 

Number of artist’s proofs: 

Printed: 2013

Paper: Japanese (Shoji Natural)

Ink: Oil-based 

Block: The image was carved in cherry veneer plywood.

This is a two-colour reductive print.


Note: This print is also available framed, for $670, local pick up only. Please contact me if you are interested.


Growing up in rural Nova Scotia, logging was the big employer. I spent a lot of my time playing in the woods, and my father spent a lot of his time working there. Large piles of pulpwood, like this one, were common. The number 8 painted on this particular pile may have indicated 8 foot lengths or wood, or may have been the number associated with the man who cut the wood, to ensure that he, and not someone else, got paid for the load. 


This print is formatted as a repeating pattern. The  prints can be displayed in a grid to make an ever-larger pile of wood. 


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