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  • Walking home from class
  • Walking home from class
  • Walking home from class

Walking home from class

PriceFrom C$70.00

Woodcut print

Image size: 5x5”

Paper size: 8x8”

Frame size: 9x9" 

Edition size: 18

Number of artist’s proofs: 1

Printed: 2023

Paper: Japanese (Shoji Natural)

Ink: Oil-based (Taniguchi Rubber Base Pantone Transparent White mixed with Demco ultramarine dry pigment)

Block: The image was carved in cherry veneer plywood.


I live in Antigonish, a small town where technically, half of the residents are university students. I also live very close to campus, surrounded by student housing. In September, when they all arrive for the start of classes, the atmosphere of the town changes abruptly. I love this time of year. The influx of a few thousand young people excited and hopeful for new beginnings brings an energy that's hard to ignore. It's true that they make a lot of noise at night and contribute a lot of trash to my yard, but overall, I'd much rather have them here than not. They make the town feel so alive.

This image is a typical winter scene from Antigonish, with yards piled high with snow and students walking to and fro with their backpacks. 


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