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  • Pinecone 13: Chainsaw
  • Pinecone 13: Chainsaw
  • Pinecone 13: Chainsaw

Pinecone 13: Chainsaw

PriceFrom C$30.00

Woodcut print

Image size: 2.75x5”

Paper size: 4x6”

Edition size: 10

Number of artist’s proofs: 1

Printed: 2013

Paper: Japanese (Gampi Smooth)

Ink: Oil-based

Block: The image was carved in cherry veneer plywood.


This print belongs to a series of small prints. Most depict the cones of different tree species common in Nova Scotia, however a few instead depict some of my father’s logging tools and equipment. 

As an adult, I’ve come to think of the woods as a place of recreation, away from my home and work life. But as a child the woods were my backyard, as well as the place where my dad went to work. The greasy tools in the garage seemed just as much a part of the woods to me as the pinecones I gathered for my 4-H project. 


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