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PriceFrom C$260.00

Woodcut print

Image size: 18x11”

Paper size: 22x15”

Edition size: There are two editions: one out of 8 on Gampi Smooth paper, and one out of 5 on Somerset.

Number of artist’s proofs: 3 (Gampi Smooth)

Printed: 2012

Paper: Japanese (Gampi Smooth) and rag (Somerset)

Ink: Oil-based 

Block: The image was carved in cherry veneer plywood.

This is a three-colour reductive print.


This print is part of a pair, printed on the same size paper with the same colours. The other print depicts a pile of logs. I was interested in the shapes, shadows, and textures created by the pile of cones and the pile of logs. I was also interested in their thematic contrast, representing the birth and death of a forest: here are the trees before and after they are trees. 


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